Data Analytics – Scholarship & Training Program Details


Savadub Limited with some partnering organizations, Software Engineers, and Data Analyst, Developers, etc. have launched a new level of IT Training, Mentoring, and Fellowship Program named “TECH CAREER LAUNCHPAD” for those who want to come into Tech and for those who want to upskill and scale their current career by acquiring practicable IT skills and knowledge and business related knowledge.

The first Course in the Program is Data Analytics, Visualizations & Business Intelligence.



  • – If you are someone who is new to Tech and wants to learn a high-in-demand tech skill and you would love to eat from the tech oil money through Data Analytics skills. This program is for you. 

  • – If you are already a Data Analyst who uses Spreadsheet tools like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, etc. but you want to learn more advanced industry-standard tools and packages for Data Analytics, then this program is for you. 

  • – If you are already employed in other fields and you have been facing challenges because your job requires you to have Data Analytics skills which you don’t have, then this program is for you. 

  • – Are you a Business Analyst who knows for sure that Data Analytics is an integral skill you need to be a holistic BA? Then this program is for you. 

  • – Are you even a Data Analyst who wants to scale up his/her skill level and add Business Intelligence and reporting to his/her arsenal? Then this program is for you. 

  • – Are you fascinated by programming/coding or are you afraid of coding anything and you would love to break that barrier? Then you will find this program highly helpful as you will acquire the necessary expertise to write simple to complex computer programs in such a direct and fun way, even if you’ve never opened a text editor before in your life. 


  • – At the end of this training, you will be able to extract data from different sources, model data for different purposes, wrangle data, clean dirty and messy data, conduct exploratory Data Analytics, take on explanatory Data Analytics, deduce insights from data sets, work with different forms of data and data file extensions, work with different types of databases and formats.

    – You will be able to write Python program codes, and SQL Codes, and create reusable functions and code blocks to make your Data Analytics work faster, cleaner, and more scalable.

    – You will have the expertise to create compelling Data Visualization, Charts, and Dashboards to communicate your Data Analytics insights with stakeholders and managers to influence data-driven decision-making.

    – You will have the ability to consume third-party APIs and read data from them, use Linux Commands, and engage in Version Control for your projects using GIT, GitHub, etc. You will be able to deploy your project on different platforms to deliver your analysis project to stakeholders and the general public when needed.


  • Below are some of the tech tools, platforms, programming languages, etc that you learn how to use and use in the training program:


    Python, Pandas, Numpy, SQL, Matplotlib, Seaborn, Anaconda, Jupyter Notebook, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerBI, Tableau, MongoDB, SQL Databases, etc


The original cost for the Training phase of the program for each participant is #400,000 or $615 USD only. 


However, we have decided to give a 100% Scholarship to the first 2000 applicants.


Savadub Limited and its partners are sponsoring the tuition of the first 2000 students who are enrolled and accepted into the program. 

This means that If you are accepted into the program, you are guaranteed a 100% scholarship. Your full tuition is covered by Savadub Limited and her partners make the program a fully funded program for you. 


At the end of the program, you would be required to deliver a final assessment project to help you put to practice many of the concepts, skills, and knowledge you’ve gained during the training and then submit it for review. 

After a satisfactory review, you will be awarded a Certificate Of Completion as a Data Analyst. 

You are free to showcase your certificate on your profiles, LinkedIn, Resume, etc. to attract your dream job or demonstrate your completion of a Data Analytics training program in order to attract more benefits in your current workplace or career. 


The training program and capstone project will take 12 weeks. That’s a full 3 months of immersive learning and practice. 


The Training program is an Instructor-led program. Live Classes will be held virtually at most twice a week during the weekend so as to accommodate employed individuals and university students. 

Also, guidance, information dissemination by instructors, and communication among peers and co-learners will continue to take place throughout the weeks. 

Study materials, useful articles, books, and beneficial links will be provided to all learners during and after the program to complement the knowledge shared in the classes. 


All learners who successfully completed the training program will be invited to join the TCL Fellowship where further help and assistance will be rendered to members. 

Exclusive opportunities like job opportunities, Exhibitions, internships, partnerships, etc. will be shared time to time among fellows. 

You will have the opportunity to network with amazing individuals and bright minds from different walks of life and from other parts of the world. 


– Step 1: Intending participants will register at www.savadub.com/tcl-register

– Step 2: After registration from the link above, you will head over to www.savadub.com/tcl-da-payment to complete your application by paying a token of #25,000 which is your registration/application fee. No other fee is to be collected from any applicant.

– Step 3: After you’ve paid your application fee from the link in above (in Step 2), you will be automatically redirected to the Successful Applicants Telegram group where you will be provided with further information. 


The registration window will open for just 15 days. 

Registration starts on August 2, 2023, and ends on August 16, 2023.


N.B: If anyone asks you for any money or tuition for the training program for this phase, kindly disregard any such request as such request is not from Savadub Limited nor from the TCL Team or its partners. 


Also, please take note. If you are ever found to have given false information or made false claims during the application process, you will be removed from the scholarship list, and you will be expelled from the program. 

Your application fee of #25,000 will be refunded and you will be forever barred from participating in future programs of Tech Career Launchpad (TCL), Savadub Limited, Araeni Initiative, and our other partnering organizations. 


We are employing the efforts of amazing champions as Affiliates for this program. 

Whether you are one of the intending learners in the program or you are a savvy marketer or influencer or owner of platforms that promote amazing opportunities like this, you are welcome to join us to spread the good news of this Scholarship training and program and also earn some good income from doing so. 

Every Affiliate earns 10% of the application fee of those who apply for this program through them. 

We have a dedicated WhatsApp group to discuss this better and provide you with more info. 

Join the main group using the link provided below whether you want to partake in this training program and get the scholarship or you want to join our Affiliate champions. 


Send an email to tcl@savadub.com


Join our WhatsApp group at www.savadub.com/tcl-da-whatsapp


It’s worth noting that upon the fact that you and every other first 2000 applicants are awarded a fully funded scholarship for this program, more interestingly, your application fee will be used for humanitarian services.

Our company Savadub Limited and our partners are further partnering with Araeni Initiative (an SDG 4, 8, and 16 Not-For-Profit Organization) to set up FREE Computer Science Labs for public secondary school students situated outside major cities.

For the first phase of the project, we are going to spend a minimum of #8,000,000 to set up 4 FREE Computer Science Labs in 4 Secondary Schools in 4 Local Governments in a chosen state of Nigeria this year, one Lab in one School each in each local government. Each Lab will take a budget of approximately #2,000,000. 

When we are about to start the setup, the locations of the four first Labs will be communicated to the public for accountability’s sake. 

This project is code-named “Computer Labs Project For Catch-Them-Young Human Capital Development”. 

And the following is all registration/application fees for the current TCL Scholarship program will be spent: 

  • – 50% of the total application/registration fee will be used to fund the “Computer Labs Project”. This means we would be able to have more Computer Science Labs in other schools in other local governments of the federation as we progress. 

  • – 10% of the registration fee will be given to the TCL supporters who champion the promotion of the scholarship and training program as Affiliates. 

  • – And the remaining 40% balance will be used to take care of logistics for the TCL program and for the little compensation for our Instructors in the TCL program. 


We encourage you as an intending beneficiary of the Tech Career Launchpad Scholarship Program to give a Voluntary Pledge of not forgetting the goodwill you have benefited and look back in the future to support the Computer Science Labs Project in any center of your choice once you get a job after the training or once you have benefited a value from your current workplace as a result of the skills and knowledge acquired through the TCL program. 


  • – Fellow, Chartered Institute Of Leadership & Governance, USA.
  • – Fellow Institute Of Master Industrial Entrepreneurship.
  • – 2020 UNESCO Distinguished Leadership Award 
  • – 2021 UNESCO Distinguished Leadership Award
  • – 2022 Distinguished Entrepreneurship Award.
  • – Has some amazing academic credentials including a BSc in Mathematics, an MBA, and many certifications in different fields including Software Engineering, Data Analytics, Business Analytics, and Marketing Analytics, Product Management, etc. from different prestigious universities and institutions from different parts of the world including the UK, Canada, USA.
  • – Led the Savadub Limited firm to clinch the Tech Innovator Award UK in 2022 as Best Client-Focused IT Consulting Firm.



We wish you success all the way.


You are required to first register using the short form below.

After registration using the form below, you will be redirected to the Application fee payment page to complete your application by paying a token of #25,000 ($39 USD) which is your registration/application fee. No other fee is to be collected from any applicant.

If you are not automatically redirected, follow this link to make the application fee payment: