The super-easy way to set up an online radio station in Nigeria and make cool cash

The online radio station in Nigeria: Ever thought of setting up an online radio station in Nigeria and making cool money from it?  Or probably, you have never thought of an online radio station as a means of making money?

Well, you have come to the right place and obviously reading the right article.  We are pretty sure that by the time you are done reading this epic post about setting up an online radio station in Nigeria, you will find yourself emailing us. This is no joke!

At savadub, we don’t just bring to you tech solutions. We bring you something bigger – the future of tech businesses.  You may want to read our article on why you need to start a business not a start-up. So brace yourself while we unveil this lucrative business you never thought could make you so much money right here in Nigeria.

WHAT YOU WILL DISCOVER IN THIS POST ABOUT “online radio station in Nigeria” and how you would be making cool money from the business

When it comes to setting up an online radio station in Nigeria or anywhere else, many questions are asked. The fuss of the matter is that answers that actually solve the problem are in a dearth but not with savadub.com.ng. We are going to unravel them all as clearly as possible. And if you follow the ultimate guide in this post, you should start making money (real money) with your online radio station.

We shall be providing game-changing solutions to the following questions which  apparently, have beclouded your mind:

  1. What is an Online Radio Station?
  2. Why is Online Radio Station really the next big thing?
  3. What does it take to set up an online radio station in Nigeria?
  4. How do you make money from the online radio station in Nigeria?
  5. What is the cost of setting up an online radio station in Nigeria?
  6. Why should you allow us to share in your success story? How we are offering you a life-changing opportunity with our uncommon discount.
  7. The one last expedient thing to do now


That question has become memorized again and again like a cliche`. And that is quite understandable. Not many resources provide adequate and holistic definition to that. Nevertheless, let’s walk you through.

What actually is an online Radio?

It is a radio station that leverages on the power of the internet to broadcast or transmit its digital audio signals.

According to Wikipedia, “ Internet radio is often used to communicate and easily spread messages through the Internet in the form of talk. It is distributed through a wireless communication network connected to a switch packet network (the internet) via a disclosed source”.

online radio station in Nigeria

A typical Internet Radio station (courtesy: Wikipedia)

Now, think of online radio like podcasting. But wait a minute, both differ still.

While podcasting involves downloading audio media files from the internet, online, however, involves the continuous streaming of audio where the audience can neither pause, replay nor download the file. In fact, all the listener can simply do is listen and switch channels.

Online radio is often referred to as streaming radio or web radio and also called internet radio.

When we say Internet power, we refer to internet connectivity. And to make it simpler, your smartphone is internet-enabled. So, there is no big deal about that.

Big brands often complement their terrestrial radio stations with the Internet/online radio station. This way, they get to be everywhere their audiences are.

Now, that you do understand what online radio stations are, let’s consider why the online radio station is a big shot.


So are you wondering why all the fuss about setting up an online Radio station in Nigeria? We are going to show you why we find it to be the next big shot.

Online radio is usually accessible from anywhere in the world. To put it in clearer perspective, there is no limit to the kind of audience you build with your radio online streaming.

Even when your radio station broadcasts event typical to a given geographical area, interest will still come from the diaspora. For example, Nigerians in the diaspora have this flair for listening to news and occurrences back home. But with the terrestrial radio transmission, signals are either always poor or non-reachable at all.

Yet, it doesn’t stop there.

If you are a great trend observer, you will discover that the internet is already shaping the way business is run. In fact, only the fast-followers can be sure to survive the heat of this massive change. In all sectors, from Agriculture to Radio business, there is a shift in the status quo.

And if you are yet to create a website for your business, you are missing a great deal cool treats.

You can not build the best radio station or any other business, without leveraging the power of the internet. This is actually the future of the radio station business in Nigeria, Africa or even the world.

Why is setting up an online radio station in Nigeria such a big shot?

Well, the answer is pretty simple.

It is because over 98 million Nigerians (which is around 50.2% of our total population) have gone online. What about a population of over 1.2million internet users in Africa. Should we talk about the over 4.2 internet users in the world as of December 2017? It is because the physical radio is gradually getting replaced with gadgets. And to cap it all, change is forward and progressive. It is not retrogressing anytime soon, or even later.

Consider looking at the world’s internet stats below according to internetworldstats.

World Internet Statistics

World Internet Statistics
(courtesy: internetworldstats.com

We have millions of Nigerians in the diaspora who are constantly clamoring for local news in order to get abreast with the happenings at home. The best way to reach them is to broadcast through radio online streaming. You can set up value-packed local entertainment online streaming.

Asking why online radio is a big shot is tantamount to asking why the internet is the next big thing.


This is the question that scares the hell out of many. Probably because they got the wrong or half-baked answer. But in real-time, you don’t have to see setting up an online radio station in Nigeria as a capital-intensive gesture.
Before we take you through the monetary cost, here are some of the heartwarming realities you ought to know about setting up an online radio station in Nigeria.

It is quite unfortunate that there is still a lot of work to be done for most Africans to grasp a fair understanding of how the internet operates.

But the thing is, the internet is simply a virtual representation of what we interact with physically. If you can build a house, you can build a website. If you can build a car, you can build an app. Therefore, if you can build a physical business, you can as well run an online radio station.

      • It is cost-effective:

It requires far less capital to set up and run an online radio station in Nigeria than a terrestrial radio business.
Most of the operations can be automated (typical for most online businesses). You don’t even need so many workers or physical structures to get started.
Power supply demand is in no way close to the cost of running a typical terrestrial radio station. And you know what that means if you have a business running in Nigeria.

      • Your Unflinching commitment

With a firm resolve to make it work, the internet radio business can really be profitable in no small measure. And of course, anything that must work will demand your unflinching commitment. So, this is no different.

      • Quality and Valuable Service

Customers are the lifeblood of every business and the only thing that keeps them coming back is value and quality. Although there aren’t so much Internet services in Nigeria compared to other more developed nations, the competition is always fierce. Same for every thriving business opportunities.
Therefore, providing value at its best should be your focus. This will not only help you stay afloat and relevant but also give you an edge over the competition.

      • Research and Implementation

Another thing you need to take into consideration is consistent research….and of course, implementation. The internet world is a fast-evolving one. You want to get first-hand information on better ways of doing the kind of business you run.
For example, researching the latest equipment for broadcasting. The latest advanced hosting plans or companies, etc.


The good thing about making money from an online radio station in Nigeria is that you get to combine two revenue sources together:

      • You make the money made from the terrestrial radio station


      • You also make money exclusive to the online radio business.

How does a typical terrestrial radio station make money?

The list can’t be exhaustive here but some of the ways they make money are:

        i. From commercials:

when companies an businesses pay money to a radio station to promote their products or services. These are often short time-outs in the middle of programs aimed at creating awareness for a service or product. Call it an advertisement and you can’t be wrong.

ii. From Programs Sponsorship:

When an organization decides to use their platform (radio station) to broadcast a program for their audience. E.g A pastor appearing on the radio at a specific time of the day to talk about repentance. He actually paid for it based on the time of the day and length of time it would take him to round up.

       iii.  Program coverage, streaming, and packaging:

 When a radio station covers a live event for an organization or individual,
they charge a fee. This also adds up to their means of making money.
Then we add up extra sources of making money or generating revenue from the online radio business.

       iv.  Sponsored posts:

 Sponsored posts from organizations and individuals who wish to be featured on your radio website.

       v.  Google AdSense:

You can register for and sell Google AdSense on your website. You can also sign up for display adverting for other businesses.

 vi.  Products reviews

vii.  Affiliate marketing:

Selling other people’s product for a commission.

viii.  Music, video and product promotion

Now, having covered that, let’s dive into the main thing. Of course, you are already itching to know what will cost you to set up and manage your online radio station in Nigeria. We are going to give you a breakdown of the cost in a neutral ground.
Then you will find our awesome bonuses which we are currently giving out to our clients.

But then, there are very many things you do not actually need to set up and manage an Internet radio streaming. Below you will find them.


Here are some of the things you don’t need to bother yourself about:

          1. You don’t need a radio ownership license to run your online radio
          1. You don’t need to spend millions to get a radio frequency to run your online radio
          1. You don’t need heavy gadgets to run your online radio.
          1. You don’t need a too big radio studio to run your online radio.
        1. You don’t need multiple staffs to run your internet radio.


Compared to millions of Naira which are usually needed to start and run the conventional radio stations, the affordable cost of running a profitable online radio station is greatly reduced. Alright, don’t take our word for it. A break down will just do the convincing. We need six major things to run an online radio station in Nigeria:

  1. Consultancy and Training
  2.  Online Radio Android App
  3. Online Radio iOS app (iPhone)
  4. Online radio station Website
  5. Radio Streaming Hosting server
  6. Identity designs full package  (branding, graphics, etc)

And we shall explain them systematically:

1. Consultancy and Training

The number 1 item on the list is the Almighty Consultancy and Training
You need someone with enough knowledge about the Online radio business to train you and your team (if you would be having one)
This Consultant shall take you by the hand and go side by side with you on this business so that you can achieve your business goals easily.
Before now, we do charge nothing less than #100.000 for consultancy. But the good and amazing news I have for you is that we would give you this consultation service for totally FREE of charge.
Everything is not money money money.
We believe that if we can train you and give you this classified information, you may decide to work with us and patronize our services too.
That means we are for each one another.
We are giving you FREE solid consultation sessions here
And many other people think that it requires a lot of money to start an online radio. Which is not so.
And the major part of that is what you are enjoying here by getting the classified info in your hand in this article.
That’s why we decided to let the secrets out and educate as many Broadcasters as possible we can get.

2. Radio Streaming Hosting

Hope you know about what’s called Web Hosting before. If not, Web Hosting is simply online space where your site resides so that it can be accessed anytime online throughout the world.
Once you get the Radio hosting (we shall set this up you and support you full time if you have any issue.
The next thing is a channel whereby your listeners would be able to listen to your radio.
The payment for this is just = #15,000 only per month

(3.) Online Radio Android and (4.)  iOS Apps

You know mobile app is the best way to reach people now, because almost everything online is done by one mobile app or the other.
And we have two major mobile app platforms (Android and iPhone)
But you should target Android users first, because Android users are more than iPhone users.
With that you would have enough listeners to listen to your radio station
But I’ve told you that you don’t need all of them to start.
You should not look away from iPhone users because Android users are more than iPhone users.
There are good number of iPhone users too.
So if you can’t get the money for both apps for now, get the Android app first, and as you move on bigger, you can now get the  iPhone app too.
This would make you have your listeners on both platforms together
And your audience number would grow so much.
But if you can afford the two apps at the beginning, pls do. It’s very good that way.
Also, everything about iPhone is expensive, even to build its app is expensive (we just gave you the price above because we want to help as many people as we can to achieve their goal of owning an online radio station Business
The cost for the Android App is #120,000 only and the cost of the iOS app is  #200,000 only.

5. Online radio station Website

The next thing here is the  Radio website.
The website is needed as well.
If you have the website, people can listen your station using any means, either on computer or phone.
All they need is type your online radio website link (website address) and they would be able to listen to your online radio live and direct
Also, having a website for your online radio would make you more visible online
Also, some people who don’t have either android or iPhone can be able to listen to your radio station too on any available device to them.
Another big thing why you should also get the Radio website is the availability of a standard BLOG which we would build with your radio website
With the blog, you can be posting news, articles, etc and be making money with Google Adsense and for adverts on the blog too.
The cost of the industry-standard Radio website is only  #150,000

6. Identity designs full package

The number 6 item is Identity design
This is useful, at least you would need a logo, letterhead, etc … Which would be uniquely for your online radio station Business
This involves branding and the designs of the branding materials which you can now take to your printer to help you print to make hard copies
Many radio owners won’t want their upcoming Broadcasters to have their own radio stations, so they would be scaring them with big money to start out
So that their own dreams of owning an Online Radio station Business of their own can come to pass easily.
A lot of people think that it’s very difficult to own an online radio which it’s not so.


To start your own radio immediately, you should make commitment now so that we can be able to deliver your radio station to you on time.
We do take 15 working days to complete each project. Though we may be able to complete the project in few days depending on how many works we have on ground.
We do give this time period so that we don’t disappoint any of our customers/clients and for us to be able to render quality services to them.
So for you who want to launch their radio stations by in like a month or two to now, you should start the journey right from now.

To make commitment now…

Do so by transacting with us with our corporate banking details below.
Name:       Savadub Tech Solutions
Number:  5709299013
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Pleases notify us after payment by messaging  09032348435 or send a mail to billing@savadub.com.ng
(Indicate your name, location, how much you paid and what you paid for in your SMS, chat or email after you’ve paid) 



Because we are a legitimate corporate business entity, you can walk in to our office for more details
If you want to visit our office.
Please come to: 52, Ijaiye Road, Ogba-Ikeja, Lagos 
Second building, First floor, right wing flat.
Call any of these numbers once you are at the lobby there
(+234) 09032348435, 08167342250, 08167341645
Myself or one of our staffs would come to take you in.
Thanks for choosing Savadub Tech Solutions Lagos.
At Savadub Tech Solutions Lagos, we always deal in a plain and straightforward manner with our customers and clients
Message us now for any question relating to the Radio business or other tech services (Software solutions, Web services, Branding, Consultancy, Apps Development, etc)
And message me to get your amazing online radio station Business started once and for all
Thank you

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