Attention Seconday School Owners!!!

We are giving an amazing opportunity for few secondary schools to host our team of Tech and Career Educators on what we tagged “School IT & Growth Workshop Project” . 

If you apply to host us and your application is approved, then, our Tech team, Career Educators and Business Growth Consultants shall be in your school for 2 days.



On the first day, we shall attend to the students and show them practical and real life case studies of career paths they can venture into which are ICT driven and suitable for this present age. 

Your students shall also get adequate knowledge and ways to move forward in getting equipped on any ICT skills they would love to have. 

Quizzes shall be given to the students to test their knowledge on what they’ve came across in the general world that has to do with ICT and also on what they would be taught during the workshop. And gifts like laptops, etc shall be won by smart ones among them.




On the second day, our Lead Business Growth Strategist shall have a premium School growth strategy session with the school owner and admin.

You would have the opportunity to have access to what we named “Global Tech Package for Profitable School Business” and you shall be shown practical ways this package would be so useful for your school growth and expansion. 

We would also give you access to the potent “Sponsors’ Centric Approach to School Business Growth”. This approach with its strategy is so unique and powerful that it could change the fate of any school business within few weeks if it’s well implemented. 

Also, you would have the chance to ask our team any question that might be helpful to your school business growth. 






  • – We would do well to document our visit and workshop activities in your school and use it for awesome publicity to support you. With this, your school would be given both offline and online press coverage. This would increase your school’s brand visibility and promote your school amazingly.


  • – Without charging you a dime, we shall carry out a School Business Growth Audit for you. And also design a customized Growth plan for your school business. The Audit would show you where you are, what you are doing rightly and what you’ve been doing wrongly, what you should start doing now to achieve your school business goals and how to do them immediately.


  • – And lastly, you would be given the opportunity to partner with us anytime on any Tech related project whether for your school business, for your students or for your community. 



PLEASE NOTE that only few slots are available for this awesome and value-packed opportunity. We do have huge number of applications but we can only work with few schools in a year on this project.

So, quickly apply now. If your application is accepted and we are ready to carry out this project for your school, then, we would contact you through the contact information which you would submit in your application.

Also, know that your location is never a barrier. Once your application meets up with our requirements, and it’s been approved, we would reach out to you for further actions. 



Hope to work with you soon. 



Savadub Tech Solutions 

52, Ijaiye Road, Ogba Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.

(+234) 09032348435, 08167342201