Pro Web Developer & Graphic Designer Masterclass

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When you learn Web Design with WordPress, you can work in high-paying jobs as a Website Developer, Sales Funnel Builder, Website Maintainer, Blogger, and so on.

When you also learn Graphic Design with Canva, you can start working as a Graphic Designer for businesses, Social Media Content Creator for brands, Presentation slides creator for speakers and businesses, and so on.


Now imagine if you have the opportunity to learn the two high-paying skills mentioned above and then combine them to become a sought-after Website Developer and Graphic Designer. You are a hot cake and can either work for yourself or work for businesses, you can also work as a Freelancer and make cool money in dollars easily online.


This is why we are launching a special training which bundled both Website design and Graphic design into one. The training is named the “Pro Web Design & Graphic Design Masterclass”.


Let’s break the course into two as earlier stated.




  1. Pro Web Design Training:


This is the one-of-a-kind website design training where you be taken by the hand and taught how to build any type of professional and beautiful website with sophisticated features and functions you can think of.


You will be able to start working as a WordPress Web Developer, Sales page and landing page designer, Blogger, Website maintainer, and so on. These skills will help you make serious money.




  1. Pro Graphic Design Training:

This special graphic design training is all you need to learn and become a highly-paid graphic designer without any hassle. You will learn to create any type of stunning designs and videos for yourself and clients using the almighty Canva. 


You will also be taught the fundamentals of great design and all you need to know to create catchy and communicative designs both for yourself and your clients and make serious money. 




After The Pro Web Design Training:


– You would have learned how to build any type of website using WordPress.

– You will be able to build a Business website, Blogs, eCommerce website, Portfolio website, Booking website, e-Learning website, Online course marketplace website, etc.




After The Pro Graphic Design:


– You would have learned how to create any type of graphics design you can imagine using Canva.

– You will be able to create Flyers, Social media graphics, Promotional posters, Event banners, Sales videos, Presentation slides, Business document designs, Letterhead paper designs, Business cards, etc.






– You will be given 3 months of web hosting for FREE on our business-level server. Worth: #15,000. This will help you host your website which you will build during and after the training for free of charge.


– You will be given access to a Canva Pro account for 6 months for FREE. Worth: #16,800. This will help you explore and utilize the amazing premium features, templates, fonts, stock images and videos provided only on Canva Pro so that you can be creating stunning graphics designs, and videos for yourself and your clients during and after the training at ease.






You will be awarded a Certificate Of Completion after you’ve attended the program and submitted your capstone project successfully.


A Tech Certification from Savadub Limited will be highly useful for you in getting highly-paid jobs. It will also add to your credibility as a Developer and Designer for further studies and in the job market.


Savadub Limited has won two UNESCO Distinguished Service Awards, a Tech Innovator Award, and many more. Imagine the boost a certification from a highly-esteemed company will give your career.






The cost of the training is valued at #150k.

And the additional Bonuses you will be getting are valued at more than #100k (some of them are mentioned above).


This means that the total value of the training and the bonuses are worth more than #250k.


However, we want to help you get skilled so that you can have highly sellable money-making tech skills with which you will be earning a decent income and live large as a Tech guru.


Even with this, if we charge #100k for this Masterclass, it’s still very affordable.

Let’s say we even charge #50k, that will be a very low price considering the amount of value you will get and how much money you will be making after acquiring these skills through the masterclass.


However, we have brought the cost of the training down so much that anyone that’s ready to acquire these skills and start earning from the Tech world will be able to afford it easily.


The highly subsidized cost of the training is set to just #16,500 only. Wow!


But we want to do something spectacular for a few people who will be lucky to take action immediately and enroll for training today.


If you enroll for the training today, you will pay just #7k only. Gbam! If you don’t pay today, then you will be paying the regular cost of #16,500. Also, the cost of the training will be increased very soon.


This means that if you don’t enroll today, you may come back tomorrow and see that the training cost has been increased to #25k or even more. This is because we can’t keep the low price for so long.


Take action and pay just #7k to grab the whole training and the amazing bonuses immediately.





Pay #7k only to:



FCMB: 5709299013
Savadub Tech Solutions



Click Here: https://savadub.com/pwgmp


After payment, send a WhatsApp message to +2349032348435 and you will be onboarded to the training appropriately and be given further guidance.



Click Here to join









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