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There’s something important I want to share with you.


On behalf of Savadub Limited, Araeni Initiative, and some partnering organizations, I am leading a humanitarian project and we are going to spend a minimum of #8,000,000 to set up 4 FREE Computer Science Labs in 4 Secondary Schools in 4 Local Governments in Osun State this year, one Lab in one School each in each local government. Each lab will take a budget of approximately #2,000,000. 


When we are about to start the setup, the locations of the four first Labs will be communicated to the public for accountability’s sake. 


This project is code-named “Computer Labs Project For Catch-Them-Young Human Capital Development”. 






You should ask how we want to invest the #2M each for the Computer Labs. 


This is the breakdown of what we need to put in place for each Lab. 


– 5 complete desktop computers at #100k each (Foreign used) = #500k. 


– 1 Printer, 1 Photocopier machine, 1 Laminator, 1 Scanner = #300k. 


– Petrol Generator to power the computer = #200k. 


– Electrical installation for the computer lab, ceiling fans, and painting = #150k. 


– Furnitures = #150k. 


– 2 Computer teachers (Part-time) for the first 3 months = 2 x 3 x #50k = #300k. 


– Fuel and maintenance for the first 3 months = #150k. 


– Computer Science Textbooks, Journals, etc. = #100k. 


– Miscellaneous for the first 3 months = 3 x #50k = #150k. 



TOTAL = #2,000,000 only.







– I, like many other Tech professionals today, have benefited from such programs in the past as a young boy. It was one of the programs that gave me a strong base for my passion for Tech, and the background knowledge I gained then stuck with me for so long and was very useful in finding my feet in the IT entrepreneurship world as a very young man. 


– Producing around 400 computer literate and IT skilled young boys and girls who have at least a higher secondary education will help our society build a robust young generation that will eventually grow more usefully in their chosen careers and thereby leading to more productive societies and country as a whole. 


– Many students in public schools are taught Computer Science and even take computer science practicals theoretically using only Textbooks and workbooks. Some of them have never operated a real computer before, so they most times find it difficult to understand and assimilate what the teacher is teaching since it’s something they ought to be shown and practiced in real life. And it’s acquiring the skills required for them to constantly practice on a real computer set. 


– This project will help introduce the beauty, usefulness, and application of Information Technology early to mostly teenagers in secondary schools and help get them interested and engaged in the Tech world early at a stage in their lives when they are faced with so much competition for their attention by social vices which our societies are facing today. 


– In most of our states in the country, the fast-changing trends in technology, trends, and innovations are mostly accessed by those in the cities and state capitals. Most organizations that organize such programs focus on the highbrow cities while many of those who need the programs most are in remote towns, thereby making them unplanned disenfranchisement. This project will try to balance up the scale and give better access to participants. 


– A community with vibrant and resourceful young ones will sooner or later outrun the one that doesn’t have such a population. The knowledge and skills acquired by the participants and beneficiaries of this project will trickle down to their peers in the community, religious houses, business ventures, marketplace, etc., thereby increasing the general human capital of the community and helping the community have techy and resourceful inhabitants. 


– Helping young ones see practically what they can build, achieve and become through Technology will drastically in one or the other lead to a great reduction in crime rate, unproductive youths, and youths without life purposes, thereby helping the society secure its future, because our young ones are our future. 


– The points raised above and many more are the reasons for executing this Computer Science Labs Project. And I hope you will join hands with me to actualize this vision. 






The question on your mind now should be how do we plan to continue to get more funds to finance the operation of these Labs after setup? 


We are reaching out to 3 different secondary schools in each community where the Labs will be set up. And we shall have our representative hold a meeting with their PTA to discuss the objectives and modality of the self-sustenance of the Labs. 


For a school with 100 learners in their upper three years (Senior Secondary School Classes 1 to 3). 


– A committee is set up among the PTA and a teacher is saddled with the financial matters of the Lab. We will never in any way have anything done with each Lab’s financials. We will only concern ourselves with constant monitoring and overseeing the achievement of set objectives and the Labs project’s goals.


– Each learner pays just #2000 per month for the Computer lab fee to the assigned teacher. 


– A school of 100 students will be able to raise #200,000 per month internally to support their Labs. 


– This will take care of their teachers’ salary, fuel, maintenance, and miscellaneous cost for the Lab operation for each month. 


– The teachers and 5 Computer Lab Prefects will monitor printing, scanning, laminating, and photocopying jobs brought to the Printing Room. This is a source of revenue for the Computer Lab. 


– More computers, accessories, gadgets, and others can be procured from these proceeds to expand the capacity of the Computer Lab and the Printing Room, both in human resources and equipment-wise. 


– 5 Best students in each set are selected and encouraged to join hands with their teachers in training the next sets of learners after each round. 






I’m happy that you read my message to this point, and I know you are ready to help make this project a success by contributing your own quota. 


Below are how you can contribute to the success of this project. 


  1. Help us promote the Tech Career Launchpad (TCL) Scholarship. With this, you will be helping thousands of people hear about it and help them benefit from the fully funded scholarship. By doing so, you indirectly help the Computer Science Labs Project raise the needed funds to finance the setup of the Labs. 


  1. We DON’T take cash donations, But, you are implored to support the cause by buying needed gadgets, Computer sets, pieces of furniture, electricals, electronics, printers, scanners, photocopiers, stationeries (textbooks, journals, etc.) which are needed to set up more Computer Science Labs. The reason we don’t take cash donations is because we don’t want to get entangled with monetary supports donated by the public, and the shenanigans that do follow most of such public funds collection. The fact is that 

if you give us money, we will eventually use it to buy gadgets to set up the Labs, why not buy us the gadgets directly? 


  1. If you key into this vision and you desire for us to set up one of these Labs in your local government and you have the financial wherewithal, that’s great! We are ready to provide every human resource needed, the templates of organization, and strategies to set up a functional Lab in your preferred location for your community or any community of your choice. 


  1. Another beautiful way you can support this vision is by patronizing my business and the businesses of every organization that partners with me to make this humanitarian project a success. If we become bigger than this, then we can give more to our societies and humanity at large. 


  1. You can support someone to take part in the Tech Career Launchpad Data Analytics Training Program by helping them pay just the application fee of #25,000 only. The program is 100% fully funded. 


  1. Join our champions who are very good in promoting great opportunities like this by becoming an Affiliate. We make sure you don’t do this for free since you will be using some resources as well to pull this off. To join the Affiliate program, contact us using any of the contact details provided at the bottom of this post. 






== Q1. Why not use the computer teachers employed by the government stationed in each school? 


A: We chose to employ new teachers to create new jobs in each community. At least two teachers in each community will be employed. 


And so that we can have the liberty to monitor the delivery of the teachers and be able to take necessary actions when required without any issues. 


And for us to make sure all their remunerations are paid directly from the Committee set up in each of the local government offices for the projects without depriving any of them of what should be theirs because of any political actions, strikes, etc. 


== Q2. Why create computer labs and printing rooms in secondary schools and not stationed within the towns for the general public in the community?


A: We want well-monitored and guided learners. Secondary school students have their teachers as guides and monitors, so it’s easier to have well-monitored learners for the project from the secondary school community. 


It will also make it easier for us to have serious appraisals of the teaching-learning, the labs, the students, and the project objectives as a whole in a better way. 


== Q3. Can we donate money to support this project? 


A: NO! We DON’T take cash donations, But, you are implored to support the cause by buying needed gadgets, Computer sets, pieces of furniture, electricals, electronics, printers, scanners, photocopiers, and stationeries (textbooks, journals, etc.) which are needed to set up more Computer Science Labs. 


The reason we don’t take cash donations is because we don’t want to get entangled with monetary support donated by the public and the shenanigans that do follow most of such public funds collection. 


The fact is that if you give us money, we will eventually use it to buy gadgets to set up the Labs, why not buy us the gadgets directly? 


== Q4. Can we have the details of the TCL Data Analytics & Visualization With Business Intelligence Using Python and PowerBI Training Program? 


A: Yes, I will provide all the details, the course content, duration, registration links, and all other useful info on another post as soon as possible. Please find the details below.






– Fellow, Chartered Institute Of Leadership & Governance, USA.


– Fellow Institute Of Master Industrial Entrepreneurship.


– 2020 UNESCO Distinguished Leadership Award 


– 2021 UNESCO Distinguished Leadership Award


– 2022 Distinguished Entrepreneurship Award.


– Has some amazing academic credentials including a BSc in Mathematics, an MBA, and many certifications in different fields including Software Engineering, Data Analytics, Business Analytics, and Marketing Analytics, Product Management, etc. from different prestigious universities and institutions from different parts of the world including the UK, Canada, USA.


– Led the Savadub Limited firm to clinch the Tech Innovator Award UK in 2022 as Best Client-Focused IT Consulting Firm.




You rock! 


Your friend, 


Ige Fadele – Mr FIA 


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