Convert Your Books To Mobile Apps

This solution brings along many benefits to you the author, the publisher and the book consumers and readers

We have amazing solutions when it comes to mobile apps development. And we are adding more each day

Why You Should Convert Your Books To Mobile Apps

Minimize Cost

Boycotting the huge cost of printing and publishing of hard copy books. With your books as mobile apps, you would save a fortune and you would have enough fund to run other things in your business and career.

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Avoid Piracy and Plagiarism

This is a more or less the only effective way to avoid piracy and plagiarism. Piracy has been an issue in the publishing sphere. Authors and publishers can now  be at ease and earn hugely from their publications without the fear of losing to any pirate whatsoever

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Sell To All The World

By having your books as mobile apps, you would have the ability to sell to all the world from the comfort of your home without a bookshop or distributor. Buyers can now buy your books without hassles. Selling largely would results to higher revenue and fame.

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Automated Order Processing

The order processing and delivery of the books are automated and no manual input is needed since all these are handled by the app stores. This automated process would make your writing and publishing life easier since you would have your time to do something else rather than attending to orders.

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Update Your Books Easily

Updating your books would be so easy and without problem since you would only have the changes and updates done to the soft copy which we would effect the changes for you and re-upload to the app stores where your buyers can easily update their apps promptly.

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Easy Accessibility By Users

Easy accessibility and navigation of the book contents by the readers. Your readers can now read without difficulty. They are so accustomed to reading from mobile devices, hence, it would be preferred by them to read your books on their mobile devices. With this you are satisfying your readers adequately. 

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Convert and publish your books as mobile apps

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