What’s Your Biggest Business Challenge Now

What’s Your Biggest Business Challenge Now?

What do you need help with in your business now?
We are ready to listen to you and profer/provide solutions to your business needs.
  • 👉🏻 Are you facing problem with attracting quality customers/clients consistently to patronize your products/services?
  • 👉🏻Is it that you need help in bringing your business online so as to reach more audience, sell more, get more premium raving fans/prospects
  • 👉🏻 Do you need help in setting successful and results-driven integrated marketing campaigns so as to scale your business fast and increase your revenue?
  • 👉🏻 Maybe your problem is how to automate your tedious business and marketing process so that you can save more time, be more focused on the core of your business. Whether it’s business operation automation, marketing automation, etc., we have you covered.
  • 👉🏻 Do you need help in choosing and getting the best suitable software solutions for your business? Ranging from Management software(for Schools, Hospitals, Hotels, etc.), Accounting software, Sales, Inventory, Invoicing, POS, etc.
No matter what your business challenge is, once it’s pertaining to IT Solutions, Integrated Marketing, and Media, we have you covered.
We are ready to give you our premium consultation service and strategy session where we would hear you out, critically analyze your needs, and provide the required solutions to them, thereby helping you to achieve your business and revenue goals.
And the best part is that we are doing this for you for totally FREE and without any catch.

Click on the link below to register your interest and we shall give you full details immediately.


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How To Copyright Your Intellectual Properties/Creative Works (music, movies, arts, books, graphics, etc.) easily by yourself within 60 minutes – Savadub

For Creatives, Musicians, Artists, Writers, Spoken word Artistes, Producers, Moviemakers, Programmers, and everyone who creates something amazing that needs to be protected legally.


  • Do you know the immense benefits and countless advantages of copyrighting your creative works?
  • Do you know that without copyrighting your works, they are not securely protected by the law?
  • Hope you know that if you don’t register or claim the copyrights to your creative works, other people can use and sell them, and you won’t have anything to do about it. Even, your works are not securely legally protected.


As we know that Consultants and intellectual property lawyers charge a huge sum of money to help people/businesses copyright their creative works, but it worth it because the benefits and advantages there are more precious than any amount they can charge anyone.


But wait, we have special good news for you today.

  • Would you love to learn how you can copyright your works easily by yourself without paying a huge sum of money to any consultant?
  • Would you be happy to learn how you can register the copyrights of your works thereby turning them to the source of royalty incomes for you for life?
  • What if we let you know that you would be able to do all these from the comfort of your home within 60 minutes. That’s incredible, right?



Lest we forget, do you know that apart from doing the copyrighting works for yourself or your business, you would be able to help other people and businesses do the same and you would be making a huge sum of money from rendering the services to them?


Consultants and Intellectual property lawyers charge at least #50k to copyright just a single creative work (e.g. music track, etc). Some charge as high as #450k to render these services to people and businesses.


Let’s assume you have 10 works to trademark and copyright, and let’s say they even charge you just #50k each for the services.


That means you would be paying a whopping #500,000 to them for just 10 works.


But if you can use the #100k out of this #500k to learn how to register copyrights for your works by yourself, you would be able to register copyrights for an unlimited number of creative works for yourself, also, you will be able to help countless other people and numerous businesses do the same while you are charging them a good amount of money for your services.


This would save you millions of Naira and also, it would be making you several millions of Naira easily by rendering the services to other people and businesses.


Now, it’s obvious that if you use more than #100k to learn how to copyright creative works, it’s a big win for you, and it worth it.


But we want to help you save millions and also show and teach you how to make good money from this knowledge and skills. Therefore, we won’t charge you anything close to #100k, even, we won’t charge you #50k (even though the value worth more than that)


But wait, we want to give few people rare opportunities, this is for you if you can take action today and right now.


We are giving few serious and fast action takers the opportunity to get a Huge 80% Discount off the training cost of #10k and pay just #2k only today.


I can hear you say WOW! For only #2k only, you would have access to this special training. And you would be added to our close training community where you could ask questions and get guidance anytime and any day if you ever need help.


That means if you are ready to take action now, you will be getting 80% Discount off the original training cost.


Simply put, you would be paying just #2k only if you are paying for the training today, thereby saving a whole lot of #8,000. (think of how much things you can still do with an extra #8000)


As a smart person who won’t let an opportunity like this pass him by, simply make a payment of just #2k to FCMB: 5709299013 (Savadub Tech Solutions) to save 80% Discount and get the awesome “DIY Intellectual Property Copyrighting Guide”


Don’t forget that, by taking this training, you would be able to register copyrights for every creative work within 60 minutes, either for yourself or other people/businesses, right from the comfort of your home.



By taking action today to enrolling for this exclusive training, you would be getting these below-listed opportunities as bonuses:

  1. Training on How to register your business as an Enterprise with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) without any agent.
  2. Access to closed WhatsApp Group where you can ask questions and get guidance anytime you need help on these processes.
  3. Access to a Checklist of 3 very important documents you need to protect your business if you have employees working in the business.




Simply make a payment of just #2k only to:

FCMB: 5709299013
Savadub Tech Solutions


After then, send a WhatsApp message to 08167342201 and you would be added to the training group and get also get the training package.


Don’t forget that, by taking this training, you would be able to register copyrights for every creative work within 60 minutes, either for yourself or other people/businesses, right from the comfort of your home.


Simply make a payment of just #2k only to FCMB: 5709299013 (Savadub Tech Solutions)   to get the 80% Discount and save a huge #40k by paying just #2k only to take the Masterclass now.


After then, send a WhatsApp message to 08167342201 and you would be added to the training group and get also get the training package.


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7 Strong Benefits Of Having An Online Store For Your Business Now! – Savadub

7 Strong Benefits Of Having An Online Store For Your Business Now


Are you ready to take your business/market online so that you can sell worldwide to a global audience without barrier or border and be getting consistent quality streams of serious customers every day, thereby helping you reach your money goals and taking your business to the next level?

If yes, then, Effective Premium eCommerce Solutions are what you need and we are ready to help you get started with the most effective and affordable solutions.
Getting consistent buyers for your products and services is not that difficult if needed facilities are put in place, and especially, if you leverage the business power of the internet.
Listen, if your answer to the 7 important questions below is YES!, then, selling online and having an Online Store for your business is a necessity to take your business to the next level and to meet your money goal without hassle.
  1. Do you want to sell products and services worldwide to a global audience (market)?
  2. Would you love to be getting consistent streams of quality customers to buy from you without any hectic marketing activity?
  3. Do you want to sell easily anytime and anywhere without any barrier or border, even during a total lockdown?
  4. Would you love to run your buying and selling activities on autopilot with less manual input so that you can enough time for yourself and spend more time with your loved ones without it affecting your revenue?
  5. Would you love to be managing your orders, track deliveries easily, fulfill orders, and relate with your customers conveniently?
  6. Would you love to be getting a detailed view of your business through friendly analytics so that you can have concrete data to improve your business?
  7. Do you wish to be accepting payment for your products or services throughout the world through Debit/Credit Cards, Bank transfers, mobile money solutions, etc. without any hassle?
We want to help you with all the answers and every clarification you may need to take your business online easily. Including setting up your Online Store from scratch, how to be generating quality traffic to the store, the cost of what you need to get started, how to be making good money from it steadily, and many more.

Click on the link below to contact us immediately, and we’ll be ready to help you get started.

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Complete Online School Solutions To Run Your School Activities and Business Without Restriction, Border or Boundary, 100% Online – Savadub Limited

Complete Online School Solutions To Run Your School Activities and Business Without Restriction, Border or Boundary, 100% Online

Are you a School Owner? Is your School affected by the Pandemic and lockdown?
Schools can be locked but Learning should be unlockable. This is only possible if you could equip your school business with an easy-to-use “Online Leaning Management System” which you and your students can use anytime to carry out teaching, learning, grading, payment, certification, and other school activities anytime and 100% Online.
Your school management activities also can receive an unstoppable and unlockable status if you also have an awesome School Management Software which makes it easy for you to manage your students, staff, parents, subjects, classes, library, payment, and other general school activities right from the comfort of your home and the comfort of the home of your students and staff.
We have an awesome “COMPLETE ONLINE SCHOOL SOLUTIONS” for you to help you unleash your school business and activities without border, boundary, or restriction in this trying time and beyond.

Click on the link below to get the full details:


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Shopping Online Isometric Infographic Flowchart Poster

Turnkey Solutions To Actualize Your eCommerce Business Ideas Easily – Savadub

Turnkey Solutions To Actualize Your eCommerce Business Ideas Easily


Do you have an eCommerce business idea and you need to actualize it without wasting time, spending a fortune, or expending energy unnecessarily? Then, this message is for you.


Instead of you spending several million on hiring a team of Web developers, waiting for months before the eCommerce project is completed, expend so much energy in following up everyone working on the project, and so on…

We’ve taken the burden off your shoulders by already developing the eCommerce solution both Web and Mobile Apps (Android + iOS) that you need to start and bring your eCommerce business dream to life.



1. PROSTORE: Multi-Vendor Marketplace


Planning to start your very own online marketplace business similar to Jumia, Amazon or Etsy? Then our turkey Multi-vendor eCommerce marketplace solution “ProStore” is what you need.



2. PROTASK: Service-Based Marketplace


Are you set to launch a service-based marketplace business just like TaskRabbit, Thumbtack, Fiverr, etc? Then our service-based marketplace solution “ProTask” is what you need.



3. PROCART: Grocery Marketplace


Planning to start an online grocery marketplace business that is similar to Instacart? Then “ProCart” is what you need.



4. PROBnB: Rental Vacation Business


Are you set to start a vacation rental business that is similar to Airbnb? Then “ProBnB” is what you need.



5. PRODEM: Service-On-Demand Business


Are you planning to start an on-demand business that is similar to Uber? An on-demand business can be a Taxi service, courier service, food delivery, cleaning service, or on-demand requirement for a mechanic, etc. Then “ProDem” is what you need.



6. PROMOB: Mobile Commerce

Mobile eCommerce is growing at such a rapid pace with phenomenal growth & sales happening. eCommerce companies are building distinguished mobile apps for their business that gives their customers a personalized approach to shopping. Get “ProMob” which is our mobile eCommerce application built with our outstanding platform that gives better UI/UX to bring you more sales.




Click on the link below to register your interest stating which of the solution you need and to learn more about how we shall work with you seamlessly to make give life to your eCommerce business idea.


Click on the link below now:




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Why what your business actually needs to grow is integrated marketing.

Why what your business actually needs to grow is integrated marketing.

You would be asking, which one has integrated marketing now? We’ve heard of traditional/conventional marketing and digital marketing methods. Which one is integrated marketing again?

OK. That’s why we’re sharing this with you so that you can see what it means, why it’s the only marketing approach that can efficiently help your business achieve its revenue goals in less time.

See it this way…


  • One day Mr. James ran into the mud with his car which was a FWD (Front Wheel Drive) car.

The more he tried to get the car out of the mud, the more the car was getting deeper into the mud. Because its front tires are just rolling without moving the car forward. This made the car got dirtier from the splashing of mud all around the car.
Though the Rear-wheel of Mr. James’ car was not in the mud, it couldn’t help just because the car was a front-wheel drive.

Thanks to some merciful passersby that helped Mr. James push the car out of the mud that day. Probably, he would have needed to hire a forklift to help him get the car out.

Why did Mr James got into this mess? The road is bad, mud at his front, and his car was a front-wheel drive. So, the car can only use the front wheel to get forward or backward, while the Rear-wheel would only serve as support and balancing.


  • Another case was of Dave, a factory driver. On this faithful day, he nearly busted into tears because his Bus drifted into a sloppy side of the road and he was late already for a delivery he’s to make that day.

It’s not his fault, that road was not a smooth one, he was only trying to maneuver his way through while he got drifted into the bad side. His front wheel was on the ground but one of the tires of its Read Wheel was not touching the ground.

His bus was a RWD (Rear Wheel Drive). So, it can only move forward or backward if the tires of the Real wheel are touching the ground well. That was where the problem started.

Even though his front wheel was well grounded, he couldn’t move forward or backward, thereby been on standstill for some time. But thanks to some men on the street that helped him lift the front of the bus with a plank of wood and pushed the bus backward. That’s when he could continue his journey that day.


  • The two stories above were not sweet ones, but one day, another man named Charles was cruising with his new metallic gold color jeep on that same rough road which messed up James and Dave.

The road didn’t change its attitude, it wanted to show Charles its stuff that day, but luckily for Charles, his keep was an All Wheel Drive vehicle (AWD).

He got to the spot that troubled James, while his front wheel got stuck, his Rear Wheel took over and got out of the mud easily without delay.

And when he got to the sloppy spot that nearly brought tears out of Dave’s eyes, his real wheel could not move the jeep but by the help of the amazing front wheel, the jeep jumped out of the spot easily without delay.


If you were to choose out of the three vehicles, which one would you love to drive on a bad, muddy and sloppy road.


Now, you would say, Savadub, why speaking in parables? Can you help us explain what these three sweet stories mean and how do we connect them to marketing?
It’s simple…


See “Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) vehicles” as “Traditional Marketing”, “Front Wheel Drive (FWD) vehicles” as “Digital Marketing” and “All Wheel Drive (AWD) vehicles” as “Integrated Marketing”

The Bad road is the Business Growth, Customer Acquisition, Sales and Marketing road. The road is not smooth at all. It has rendered many acclaimed savvy business people ineffective.

This road has made us to understand that your business need more than the traditional marketing approaches to succeed.

It’s made us know that the new shining object “Digital Marketing” approach though so amazing and effective in its application but has its own weaknesses.

This made us looked so deep into what can be done to fill the gap and how we can get both the wisdom and benefits of the pasts and the innovation and effectiveness of the present together and create an approach that would solve the loopholes in the traditional approach and also cure the weaknesses of digital marketing.

And here we are… Someone give a standing ovation for “Integrated marketing”


Before we move on to the conclusion, listen to this scenario;


  • Mr. Niyi is a Real Estate Marketer and Consultant in Lagos Nigeria. Many a time when we speak with him either on the phone or when we meet physically, he would always tell us of his tight-scheduled meetings and appointments here and there.

But in the real sense of it, this man, even in his physical appearance, is not doing well financially… Not even at an average. But he’s worked with many reputable real estate companies before he settled for the one he’s working with presently.
He can give a 24-hour lecture on traditional marketing but his life is not showing forth the fruit of his deep experience and acclaimed knowledge.

  • Also, here’s Mr Okezie who has served as a Sales Manager for many awesome companies. On one of our conferences where he’s asked to speak with the audience, he claimed that Marketing is one of the most difficult things to do in business ever. We nearly could not believe what I heard from him.

He gave many points to buttress his points. These made us realized that he was actually speaking from his bitter adventure as a Marketing Manager over the years. As you know he falls under the strict Traditional marketing approach party.

  • Jide is an amazing guy. He’s so vast in digital marketing, setting up catchy landing pages, catching leads, running email sequences that get opened and he has an awesome copywriting skill, even when it comes to crafting an irresistible offer, this guy is a gem.

But all he could sell comfortably are low ticket products below the price tag of #200k downwards.

The products he could comfortably sell with his digital marketing approach are some low priced courses, coaching programs, affiliate products and other related products and services.


Our rumination started to get more intense.

  • How can we settle the stress, time consumption, manual labor, and many deficiencies of the traditional marketing approach?
  • Also, how can we core the weaknesses in the digital marketing approach?
  • Is there not a way we can fuse the two marketing approaches together where the strengths of one would cater to the deficiencies of the other?
  • Can’t marketing be more fun?
  • Can’t companies start to have more ROI from their marketing investments?

These questions got us worked harder and We came up with amazing ideas that were implemented, tested, and polished and undergoing consistent sharpening every day.

Welcome in the honorable “Integrated Marketing”

With integrated marketing, compared to your existing marketing method, you will spend fewer funds, less time to get a result, less manpower to run things, and many more.

In integrating marketing, instead of seeing digital marketing as a replacement to Conventional marketing, it’s seen as elongation and as an integral part of which if adequately fused with traditional marketing, more awesome results would be achieved bigger than when used alone.

Instead of discarding the wisdom and effective portions of the traditional marketing just because we now have new shining objects, they are reinvented, polished, and reproduced in a manner they can stand the more elaborate and more fierce present business world.

Since at the moment, this philosophy and approach are held by us and a few blessed results getting professionals We’ve influenced, this is the major reason you need us (Savadub) to work with you and your company for the best result you’ve been yearning to achieve in your business.


Do you have any questions or you want to learn more about Integrated marketing, then send us a mail?

Do you want us to work with you and your company to achieve your revenue goals quickly without stress or burning a hole in your reserve? Then send us a mail immediately and let’s discuss the work better.

You are free to mail us and be sure you will get a response from us effectively.
When they called us the gods of Integrated Marketing, now you know why it’s true and why we need to work together.

Call: (+234) 08167342201

Or send a mail to sales@savadub.com

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Start Your Multi-Vendors eCommerce Marketplace Easily with the amazing ProStore Online Marketplace Turnkey Solution Software

You Can Now Start Your Multi-Vendors eCommerce Marketplace Easily with the amazing ProStore Online Marketplace Turnkey Solution.


Not only that you can sell any products on your store, but you can also allow other sellers on the platform to sell and earn huge commissions from their sales, and many more opportunities


  • Web + Android App + iOS App 
  • For: Admin, Sellers & Buyers
  • With: professional Installation and adequate technical support.

In short, you are getting everything you need to Start, Grow and Profit from your Online Marketplace Business

Start your own Marketplace business today with ProStore White-labeled Node.js eCommerce Software with mobile apps.



Why ProStore? (Advantages of Node.js eCommerce)


  • Prostore is an open-source Node js eCommerce platform.

Wouldn’t you want to evolve with the technology that is widely being used around by Top tech companies like Google, Facebook, and IBM? Prostore is a multi-vendor eCommerce marketplace software build on MEAN stack (MongoDB, ExpressJs, AngularJs, NodeJs) and promises a high scalable robust eCommerce platform with quality code and detailed documentation.

  • Integrated with Facebook Messenger Bot

With ProStore, we have integrated Facebook messenger bot. Be where your customers want you to be. Within their Facebook messages, your customers can search for a product, place an order, track order, and get answers for all their inquiries. All this happens inside a Facebook message window in a single click. More importantly, there is no need for manual intervention to control or manage these activities. Automation to a new level.




ProStore Node Js Shopping Cart Key Features


  • Robust Admin Panel

The admin panel is designed dynamic for you to manage everything from the back end. Be it user management, account management, content management – everything is automated to be dynamic.


  • Unique Seller Dashboard

Give your sellers a separate dashboard to manage their orders and products. Managing profile, uploading products and its approval status , order and shipping status everything can be managed from this responsive seller dashboard.


  • Newsletter Management

Collect email list from the newsletter subscription form and sends bulk emails for marketing and transactional communications. Three separate email list for ‘Sellers’, ‘Registered Users’, and ‘all users’, are also there.


  • Physical / Digital Product

Have two different marketplace niche on a single software. Give your sellers the option to sell both Physical and digital products. According to the type of product , product upload and shipping methods are designed differently.


  • Android & iOS App

Get an Android and iOS app for your business. Help your users manage everything with just mobile in hand. Searching through the collections, making an order, tracking an order can all be done with Android & iOS apps.


  • Revenue Channels

The ProStore Node.Js eCommerce platform is equipped with multiple revenue channels for the marketplace owner-commission % against each sale, featured listing of products, banner ads and many more ways to generate easy revenue.


This Node js eCommerce software is Made for You

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Android Mobile App That Automate Recharge and Get Paid (RAGP) Business – Savadub

The info you are about get below would change your Recharge And Get Paid (RAGP) Business for the best and transform your earning figures sporadically, therefore, you need to go through it with complete attention and take action on it immediately if you really wish to acheive your business goals as a RAGP Networker and Entrepreneur.



  • Are you as an RAGP entrepreneur?
  • DO you want to work smart and earn more?
  • Do you desire to recruit thousands of active downlines?
  • And do you wnat to earn huge commissions easily and qualify for amazing incentives without any hassle…


Then, pay rapt attention because the solution to help you achieve your desired goals and results is here.

Let’s tell you something importatnt, the best way you can go to achieve all these is to automate your Reachrge-And-Get-Paid business activities which include; recruitment, sales, advertising, follow-up, notifications, and so on.

But how can you now achieve these easily without losing sleep?

You can easily achieve all these through a mobile app that’s customized for only you for your RAGP business. This app would be built for you with your referral code which would give you the opportunity to make money on autopilot even when you are sleeping. That’s how smart entrepreneurs do things.




As you know that bills payment, airtime purchase, money transfer, data purchase, etc are now done with Mobile Apps.

What if you can have an Android App that would be your own and would heji you automate your RAGP business transactions, ranging from airtime and data sales, bills payment, till downlines recruitment? Would you grab such app?

And the most interesting part is that this your app would be available for download on Google play store. You can also be sharing it with people on Whatsapp.

It’s the download link to this app you would be sending to your prospects (downlines to be), downlines and customers so that they can download the app and patronize you without any difficulty.

Only what you need to provide us to build your app for you is your own unique RAGP Referral code. So that whenever anyone perform any transaction on RAGP website, it would be on your account.

If the person registers on the site through your app, the person would automatically be your own downline.

If such person perform any transaction or buy any product on the site through your app, the commissions and incentives would automatically be to your account.

This is how smart entrepreneurs and awesome RAGP Networkers are doing things and you have to join them so that you can become more successful too.



– 10,000 active phone numbers of people in your local government and state of your choice in Nigeria. (these numbers are arranged with their names and gender) – Worth #10k

– We would help you publish this your app on Google play store for FREE – Worth #20k

That means you are getting bonuses worth #30k




If you order and pay for your app between today and this week’s Thursday 26th of December…

– You would get additional 15,000 active phone numbers of your local government and state of choice (with their names and genders) – Worth #15k

– You would get a series of 8 videos that would teach you how to build Facebook Messenger Bot easily. With this skill, you can make millions of Naira building ChatBots for people and businesses. – Worth #30k

– Also for FREE, You would get the Awesome business book called “Persuasive Copywriting byb”Andy Maslen”. In this book, you would learn how to write advert copy that would leverage on human psychology to engage your audience and sell to them easily. – Worth #10k

This means if you order and pay for your own app this week between now and this week’s Thursday, then you are getting an additional bonuses worth #55k with. And a total bonuses worth #85,000.



Originally, the cost of this special android app is #77k. 

But with our Christmas promo, you are getting the app for just #57k only between today and this week’s Thursday.  That’s a whooping extra #20k bonus. 

Which now means you are saving a huge #107,000 if you order and pay for your own app between today and this week’s Thursday. (#85k bonus  + #20k discount = #10k) 




You can easily pay for this awesome and profitable app by sending just #57k to:

FCMB: 5709299013 
Savadub Tech Solutions 

After payment, send your payment proof, your RAGP Referral Code, name, location and email address to inquiries@savadub.com.ng or to 09032348435 on WhatsApp.

Savadub Tech Solutions

52, Ijaiye Road, Ogba Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria

(+234) 09032348435, 08167342201


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6 Amazing Reasons You Should Convert Your Books To Mobile Apps – Savadub Tech Solutions

Are you an Author, Writer, Publisher or has something done with book production/sale? Then, this info is for you. Read on…


As we all know, for you as an Author or publisher, you want to make more sales of your book, save cost on production, secure your books from Plagiarist and also get your books to the public easily without stress.

This is why we’ve prepared a solution to help you achieve all those objectives mentioned without any hassle.
And the simple solution we are talking about is “Convert Your Books Into Mobile Apps”

Converting your books into Mobile Apps brings along many benefits to you the author/publisher and also your books readers.
CALL/WHATSAPP: 09032348435, 08167342201 now to get started immediately.


Below Are Some Of The Reasons You Should Convert Your Books Into Mobile Apps


Boycotting the huge cost of printing and publishing of hard copy books. With your books as mobile apps, you would save a fortune and you would have enough fund to run other things in your business and career.


This is a more or less the only effective way to avoid piracy and plagiarism. Piracy has been an issue in the publishing sphere. Authors and publishers can now be at ease and earn hugely from their publications without the fear of losing to any pirate whatsoever


By having your books as mobile apps, you would have the ability to sell to all the world from the comfort of your home without a bookshop or distributor.

Buyers can now buy your books without hassles. Selling largely would results to higher revenue and fame.


The order processing and delivery of the books are automated and no manual input is needed since all these are handled by the app stores.

This automated process would make your writing and publishing life easier since you would have your time to do something else rather than attending to orders.


Updating your books would be so easy and without problem since you would only have the changes and updates done to the soft copy which we would effect the changes for you and re-upload to the app stores where your buyers can easily update their apps promptly.


Easy accessibility and navigation of the book contents by the readers. Your readers can now read without difficulty. They are so accustomed to reading from mobile devices, hence, it would be preferred by them to read your books on their mobile devices. With this you are satisfying your readers adequately.


To Convert your books into Mobile Apps easily, just contact us at Savadub Tech Solutions by Calling or sending us a message on WhatsApp on 09032348435, 08167342201


If you contact us today you would get these bonuses:

  1. ✅ 1. For FREE, We shall design and print a 4*2ft banner for your business or book. This would be very useful for offline advert for your book and business.
  2. ✅ 2. You shall get huge 20% Discount on our service charge to convert your book into Mobile App.
  3. ✅ 3. We shall Design 2 beautiful posters for your book which would be so useful for online advert and awareness. This is for FREE as well.
  4. ✅ 4. Also, We shall help you upload your Book Mobile App on Google Play Store for FREE.
  5. ✅ 5. You shall opportunity to get a solution oriented Business Growth Consultation session with our Company’s Lead Business Growth Strategist. You are getting this for FREE as well.


WARNING: The 5 bonuses above are only available for you if you contact us today, so take action immediately and call or WhatsApp us on 09032348435, A08167342201

Savadub Tech Solutions

52, Ijaiye Road, Ogba Ikeja, Lagos

Call/WhatsApp: 09032348435, 08167342201


#ConvertBooksToMobileApps #Author #Writer #Publisher #BookProduction #SelfPublishing #BookPublishing #MrFIA #Savadub #SavadubTechSolutions #SavadubTech

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How You Can Make Over 50k Weekly As A Savadub Affiliate

  • Am about to shock you to the marrow! Imagine you can make money [up to 50k weekly] with zero investments! Can you see that now? So, if you are not prepared, I will suggest you first take a pill of tranquillity. You are about to get thrilled with our new plans which were specifically designed to put a smile on your face and some cool cash to your bank accounts.

Recently, we at Savadub have been brainstorming on how to efficiently reward our loyal audience who have given us unflinching attention. Before now, we have had plans for buyers of our products to make extra income by promoting our products that they have used. This time around, we discovered that there are quite a number of people who have followed our products launch and are happily mentioning us. So we thought it would be wise if we introduced a scheme that could afford that category of our audiences the rare opportunity of earning together with us by just doing what they are already doing.

Before I continue to unravel this mouth-watering opportunity, let me quickly give you a breakdown of what we have been up to. If you paid rapt attention, you will better appreciate what we are initiating. So, let´s dive in…………….

First Of All, Who Are We?

Probably, there is someone reading this post who haven´t heard of Savadub, hitherto. I do not wish to take chances even though, it is quite unlikely you haven´t heard about us.

Savadub is a tech solution provider with a unique approach to the business of digital marketing. We have helped both businesses and institution discover and rediscover the power of digital technology in business by providing them with high quality, reliable and yet affordable tech solutions. We are into the business with the singular aim of bridging the gap between quality and affordability. We believe that quality is nothing if it cannot be afforded. Having delivered to businesses and institutions alike, our approach has proven to be both effective and efficient.

What Exactly Do We Do?

We cover a broad area in the digital media world and technology. From providing high-demand software solutions to introducing digital media solutions to businesses and organizations, our services span across various aspect of digital technology. To put this in clear perspective, our company provide digital media services and at the same time, offer high tech software solutions for business management and growth. Let´s take  a constructive view of what we provide:

  1. Web Development: We help businesses of all levels build highly responsive, fast-loading and Search engine optimized websites that boost their digital presences. We don´t just build websites, we build websites for both humans and search engines. This is why we are kind of a big deal!
  2. Mobile App Development: We help businesses create mobile offices for easy access. We also convert websites into mobile apps with a touch of professionalism.
  3. Software Development: We develop software that allows for easy and efficient business management and inventory. We help individuals, organizations and businesses translate their ideas into full-fledged software solutions.
  4. Online Radio Station Set Up: We help businesses and individuals set up their online radio stations by providing the software, hosting and mounting services.
  5. Web TV and Live streaming:  We undertake Web TV installation and run live streaming services.
  6. Graphic Designs: We offer high-quality graphic design services.


We are passionate about helping businesses to grow by handpicking software that eases business management and promises the highest return on investment. Our focus is usually based on profitability and affordability of these sets of software. We have launched several software solutions which are still on-demand. These are some of the products we are incorporating into our partnership programme.

Some of these software have been used by businesses and individuals to turn ordinary ideas into millions of naira within a space of 6 months.  For example, we launched the Online radio station software which allows just anybody to own a virtual radio station and reach millions of people all over the world. We made sure we reduced costs of set up to its barest minimum paving way for more profits for the buyer. To find more about the online radio station and how you too can start making money from it, read this post.

We have other software solutions like the Proclass School Management Software which is great for automating and articulating school activities and routines including databases. The software serves as a virtual representation of a typical school. This is one of the hottest products in our store that you can start making money from. To learn more about our Proclass School Management Software, click here to continue reading.

This is just a brief intro to what we do. You can read more about our services from the “services” section of our website. We also offer software subscription to businesses and organizations to help them effectively manage their businesses. Most of these software are capital intensive. We try as much as we can to subsidize the price to a reasonable extent so as to ease affordability.

What Is There For You In All Of These?

What we have put in place can help you make some money. In a short time, you are going to find out how.

We have generally three kinds of customers that patronize us:

  1. Consumer Customer
  2. Business Customer
  3. Consumer-business Customers

The Consumer Customers:

This is our first set of customers with whom we commenced the business activities of our company. The idea behind this is quite simple and straight forward. Our consumer customers consist of individuals and businesses who are explicitly interested in our services and products but do not opt into our partnership program. We offer our services or sell our products to them, they pay us and that is all. We have helped individuals and businesses to build websites, convert websites to mobile app, incorporate software solutions into their business or even graphic designs. We provided them what they needed, and we get paid for that! They are satisfied and so are we.

Business Customers:

These consists of individuals and business bodies who are so fascinated about the services and software solutions we provide and are interested only in partnering with us to market our products. In other words, they act as affiliates for our products. Every successful sale as a result of their involvements attracts compensations. This is really a smart way to earn money without having to buy your products or build one.

Consumer-business Customers:

These sets of customers function in two directions. While you are buying our products, you are also referring customers back to us who might be interested in the product you purchased from us. This method comes handy if you want to quickly recoup the money you spent buying the products. It is a smart way to reduce the cost of managing your business.

What Else?

Nothing except that we have decided to make this relationship official so all our customers can participate and make some money. It is going to be a win-win business relationship. We want to help you not only make money from our business but also reduce the cost of managing your own business when you buy our products. And if you are simply interested in making money and nothing else, we have you covered, too. You are welcome to join our partnership or affiliate programme and start smiling to the bank after every successful sale.

We want you to share in our success stories by participating in our affiliate programme. This is fairly new in our platform and we plan to give the first twenty people to bring in businesses a treat they CANNOT find anywhere else. We are offering you a massive affiliate offer for every product you instantiate its purchase. A massive offer of up to 50% commission.

So, now you are thrilled, right?

How It Works

We have a series of products on sale. You can easily find them from our shop. To view our products catalog, just locate the store menu on our website and click on shop in the drop down. Or you can simply click here to get there.

Peruse through our products and find the ones that interest you most. Get buyers to buy the product from us and we are giving you back up to 50% commission for every product you sell. How do we know you referred the buyer? Simple! You will create an affiliate account with us by locating the affiliate menu on our website. Click on sign up to create your account. Enter your personal data and boom! You are all set to start making some money.

Is that All?

Yes, it is as simple as that.

But before you dive in, here is a brief checklist for our affiliate program:

  • Online Radio Hosting : 20%
  • Online Radio Android App : 20%
  • Online Radio iOS App : 20%
  • Online Radio Website : 20%
  • ProClass School Management Software : 50%
  • ProCare Hospital Management Software : 50%
  • Artiste Biz Silver Kit : 10%

For further reading, click here.


Our affiliate programme is available for some selected products, get the details of these selected products and how much commission you are going to get on each sale HERE  Meanwhile, we have database of information for all our products. This is to say that, you don´t need to worry about figuring out a comprehensive product description. Our blogs have been optimized to answer queries regarding every product we launched. Simply locate our blog and search for a product. You should be able to see an article which explicitly explains the products in clear terms.

Take, for instance, you want to market one of our hot selling products called the “Proclass School Management Software”. You probably don´t much about it. Simply locate our blog page and search for the term, “Proclass management software”. You should see an article that explicitly explains what it is, how it works and every other tiny detail.


There are really many ways to make money online but the easiest of them all is affiliate marketing. This is because you do not need to create a product to sell. No! We have ready-made products that you can easily sell and get your commission. One more thing is that, in affiliate marketing, you do not need the capital to get started. You can always start with nothing while cruising the highest return.

Lastly, we do believe this post has answered most of your questions but if there is something else you aren´t cleared about, you are free to ask questions in the comment box. You can also send us a message using our contact details. We reply to all our messages specifically.

CLICK HERE to Sign up for our Affiliate Program Now!

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